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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't worry, I am ALIVE - Shannon's Canon is just 'reloading'

LOL - Wow - I have been really busy and really neglectful here. Sorry 'bout that but real life kind of found me again and I am loving it, while the weather permits.
 Superior Bleed
Lake Superior, MI ©2009 SIG Photography
Photo by Shannon Goeman. (Canon Rebel XTi)

Kat and I have both been walking every night with the dogs, Casey (12 years old) and Riley (1.5yr old).
They love it and it’s great for us as well.

Besides the pups, we have three cats. Harley D, H. Davidson (Stewie cat) and Franklin (Franky Cat). Both Harley and Franky look alike; Davidson is a little cinnamon swirl spitfire kitty with an attitude and Brass Kahonies. Any cat that chases the dogs up the stairs would, right?? He reminds us of 'Stewie' from the animated television program 'Family Guy', personality-wise. Also when "D" runs up and down the stairs his paws make the same SFX as if Stewie was running - it's very entertaining. All cats are male and all dogs are female - no, that wasn’t planned; it just worked out that way.
Meet the kids:
H. Davidson (AKA: Stewie Cat) (Canon Rebel XTi)

Riley and Davidson watching the birds outside (camera phone)

            Harley D. (Canon Rebel XTi)
                          Harley D. (Canon Rebel XSi)
The Stewie Cat (H. Davidson) took over the dogs' perch! (Camera phone)

Casey Dog fell asleep guarding all toys from a young Riley Pup.  (Canon Rebel XTi)
Riley Pup (left) and Casey Dog (right) (Canon Rebel XSi)
Sorry that I don't have any pics of Frankie at the moment but he pretty much looks like Harley D, except Harley has a white whisker on each side of his nose, making him look like he is sporting a Foo-Man-Choo type mustache, very cute and Frankie has a slimmer tail.

I love my fuzzy family!!!

This is Shannon Da Canon - Blasting off!

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