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Friday, July 16, 2010

One task down - 15,000 to go...

I had some time before having to go to work so I ran to the parts store – picked up a spark plug for Big Red and changed the plug. I was secretly hoping it would be that simple – I'd change the plug, turn her on and VAVOOM – I have spark and all is grand! I would rev the engine a few times to get the cob webs out of her system and we would go for a leisurely jaunt around the corner. When we pull back into the driveway, Kat would snap our picture a few times for Facebook and such, and you’d see a big grin on my face. Aaahhhhhh!!! Life is grand!

Unfortunately, NONE of that happened!

I DID change the spark plug and I DID get my hopes up, but the rest… well… perhaps I will reserve that dream to use for another day... when I get closer to...umm... reality!

Since I had more time than I thought, I decided to try and fit the engine casing, that houses the kick start sprockets, (and... umm... get my hopes up again). I mean, hey, if the electric starter won’t do the trick – try and kick it… err, I mean, kick-start it. Once again, I fooled myself into believing this would be a simple task of popping on the cover and giving it a whirl. Fortunately, this particular balloon of hope didn’t sail as high as the previous glimmer of hope regarding the spark plug. I had a bit more sense about me at this point. I think it was the box of parts that did it for me. You see, at the bottom of the box is a multitude of loose bolts, screws and washers that only the Spree Gods in the sky know where they belong. I am pretty certain they go to the Spree though, since the hardware is as filthy as the engine cover. (Arff)

I continued to tinker around on Big Red. I love that word, “Tinker”, it rhymes with another favorite word of mine.  Can you guess what it is??
After I tinkered around with the gears of the kick starter, I figured out how it should work and managed to get that part working properly. I put the cover back on the engine, utilizing any bolts and screws in the box that seemed appropriate, then I gave BIg Red a good swift kick (start, that is).

Nothing happened!

Well, that’s not entirely true. Although the engine showed no signs of life (negative), "Boo-Hoo!" -  the kick starter gears did NOT fall off into the cover panels (positive) "YAY"!!

“What’s Next??”

I will have to purchase a multi-tester to see what is, and more importantly, what is NOT getting juice. I want badly to pull off the carburetor but will wait until I have determined the starting issues. My thoughts on this are that even a bad carburetor will allow the engine to give off some kind of noise when attempting a start, manually or electrically, even with the possibility of bad gas. I am getting no noise from anywhere at all (except the sound of me breathing) even when manually kick-starting. (If I am wrong on this, please tell me). I figured it must be a wiring issue so I will also need to look into the CDI.

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Until next time...
keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up ~

This is Shannon Da Canon ~ Blasting Off!!

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